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Ch Zircons White Jasper "Jasper"
The Don Cherry Story the sequel to
"Keep Your Head Up Kid"
It was 7 am in the morning when I got a call from one of the producers of the new movie to be filmed in Manitoba.
The sequel of the Don Cherry Story “Keep Your Head Up Kid” Looking for white Bull Terriers to audition for the staring roll as Blue.

Zircons White Rock “ Rocky" was first pick. Rocky went to set and was filmed in one segment of the movie.
The producers decided it was imperative to have a professional animal co-ordinator to fly in and train the dogs to be set ready.
Once again a new search for a dog that would be the best fit to Star as Blue.

Mr. Paul Jasper was the professional animal movie/commercial trainer that came in to do the job.
Paul picked Jasper to fill the part.
Paul and Jasper spent days and weeks together preparing. Jasper was spot on in every scene and LOVED by all.
You could see the special connection between Paul and Jasper. Everyone was truly happy how smooth the filming went.
Jasper is now considered a professionally trained movie set dog.
Paul is an amazing trainer and his resume speaks for itself. Plus you can see it in Jasper eyes… She adores Paul.
Kinda neat they have the same names too. Coincidence or what?

I have a brother named Don and Don Cherry’s daughter is named Cindy … How funny is that?
When I met Cindy she was telling me how she was a dog groomer for 15 years. Very cool.

Absolutely they are a wonderful family, kind, approachable and very likeable.
Made me feel like I was part of their family too.
I must say it was a great pleasure to be a part of this whole experience. THANK YOU ALL

The movie will be aired later this year at some point.

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